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Energy Cooperative Energiatalgud


Kris Moor
Foto: Kris Moor


“The Online Calculator” is a tool designed to provide potential cooperatives with an initial assessment of the opportunities, benefits and profitability of cooperative energy production.

The Calculator is a part of the Energy Cooperative website’s section “Toolbox” and is designed to simplify the selecting of the type of production. Also, the calculator is intended to provide an assessment of economic expediency to the initiators of energy cooperatives, thereby promoting informed decision-making.

The Online Calculator’s target groups are potential creators of energy cooperatives, which may be:

Cities (densely populated areas):

  • apartment associations;
  • settlement organizations;
  • research and industrial parks;
  • real estate businesses.

Rural areas (sparsely populated areas):

  • local governments;
  • farmers;
  • forestry groups;
  • small island communities;
  • virtual energy cooperatives.

The Energy Cooperative Calculator is an application working in the MS Excel environment providing a primary indication of the potential feasibility, benefits and profitability of energy and heat production after you fill its various data fields. Among other things, the Calculator gives the answer to the following questions:

  • At what production and consumption volumes is the formation of an energetic community reasonable?
  • What is the expected profitability of the project?
  • What kind of technology is reasonable and possible to use?

As the first approximation, the Calculator is created in the MS Excel environment (therefore the corresponding program is necessary in the user’s computer). In future developments (after the initial testing and upgrading of version 1.3), a web-based application of the Calculator will be created and if possible then joined with the EstFeed data platform, enabling to automatically read consumption data, location data, etc. after user authentication. The Online Calculator is accessible below by pressing the button!

Open calculator

How to use

The operating principle of the Online Calculator’s initial version is shown in the following figure.tööpõhimõte

Using the application in the web environment takes place as follows:

  • The objective – to provide an initial assessment of opportunities and benefits/profitability of cooperative energy production: to enable the input for asking an expert opinion required to create an energy cooperative  (to formulate the initial task).
  • The website’s users – unregistered users, registered users, the administrator of the Energy Cooperative website.
  • Operational steps:

– The user opens the Energy Cooperative website displaying the text about the Calculator and a link to the Calculator.
– The Calculator opens in a new window.
– First, the user enters indicative values for electricity and heat consumption volumes.
– The user presses the button “Tulemused” (“Results”).
– The results of preliminary economic calculations will be displayed on the results worksheet.
– The results worksheet has a button “Täpsusta andmeid” (“More specific data”).
– Under the heading “Täpsusta andmeid” (“More specific data”), the user enters more specific input data (three-year heat consumption, monthly consumption of electricity, etc.).
– Using the menu bar or the corresponding button, the user returns to the results worksheet, which now displays updated data.
– The menu bar can be used to navigate to the input data and, if necessary, to correct the data.

As a result, the users are displayed both the calculation results and the guiding principles of calculations. The results cannot be saved in the online version of MS Excel. If necessary, the user can save the file in MS Excel format (.xlsx). The results can also be printed using the existing functionality of the online version of MS Excel.

Below is a selection of screenshots of the Calculator, version 1.0.

screenshot_1 screenshot_2


User manual

A thorough introduction and an overview of the Energy Cooperative Online Calculator, version 1.0 is provided in the following user manual. Also a downloadable version of the user manual has been created.

With problems, issues and observations related to the Online Calculator, please contact the author of the Calculator, using the following contact data:

Jaanus Uiga
Energy and Green Economy Analyst
tel: +372 616 1100